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Factors Affecting Student Learning Interests

Factors Affecting Student Interests - According to Abdullah (1989), there are some which affect the interests of someone on certain subjects, including in science-biology. Overall factors are classified into two major groups, namely external factors (factors that originate from outside the student) and internal factors (factors that originate from within the students).
Factors Affecting Interest Student - Of the several factors that can affect student interest in science-biology, which is the subject of study in this research is the factor of the curriculum, a factor of the student, a factor of teaching methods, the factors of teachers, as well as facilities and infrastructure , For more details, the influence of each factor is interest in studying science-biology students can be described as follows:

a. Factors Curriculum
Direction of the development of the teaching of science subjects-Biology in the future can not be separated from the purpose and functions of the current curriculum, the curriculum of 1994. In 1994 curriculum there are several functions of science-biology lessons, especially at the elementary level, are:
Help students understand the concepts of Science-Biology.
Help develop scientific attitude in solving the problems faced everyday.
Helps to use and develop skills in the process of studying the concepts of Science-Biology.
Assist students in applying the concepts of Science-Biology assisted other basic sciences and developed the technology.
To help students understand the regularity of our life, causing a sense of awe and love of Allah Almighty.
Assist preparation of students to pursue higher education.
Increase students' awareness of the importance of conserving natural resources and the environment.
b. Factor of the Student Self
Students are a group of people who will be taught, guided and nurtured towards the achievement of specified learning objectives. Students also have a role in the learning process. In the implementation of the learning process there is interaction between teachers and students, and between students and the one with the other students, namely the mutual exchange of information and experience leads to the interaction of the learning process is optimal (Ali, 1993).

The learning process according to this concept, students use all the basic capabilities have it as a base to carry out various activities in order to obtain an optimum learning achievement. In this case, the function of the teacher in the learning process as revealed by Sardiman (1992) are:
Looking for a stimulant or motivation to make students want to do a particular purpose.
Direct all learning activities to a particular destination
Give impetus so that the students will conduct all activities that are able to achieve the goal.
c. Factors Teaching Methods
Teaching or transferring knowledge from the teacher to the student requires a certain technique or method. The method in terms of teaching methods. In the world of education has been known for a variety of teaching methods that can be used.

In particular school or educational institution there are many subjects and each subject has its own objectives. To search for such purposes every teacher should select teaching method is most appropriate for the subject or the subject to be taught. This is because not all subjects suitable for application of the subject or subjects. Therefore, teachers are able to use a variety of teaching methods and apply them in the learning process will be able to increase motivation and interest in student learning (Roestiyah, 1993).

d. Factors Guru
The teacher is a position or a profession that requires special expertise. This job can not be done by someone with no expertise as a teacher. To become a teacher, required special conditions, let alone a professional teacher must master the subtleties of education and teaching with a variety of other science that needs to be developed through specific educational future.

Guru is an important element in the overall education system. Therefore, the role and position of teachers in improving the quality and the quality of the students need to be considered seriously. The status of teachers is not only limited to employees who merely carry out the task without any sense of responsibility for adopting scientific disciplines. In education, teachers have three main tasks that can be carried out as follows:
Professional duties
Professional task is the task associated with the profession. This professional duties include the duty to educate, teach and train. Educating means to continue and develop the values of life. Teaching means to continue and develop science and technology, while the means to develop skills training.
ManusiawiTugas human task is a task as human beings. In this case both teachers teaching science-biology and other subjects teachers in charge of manifesting itself to realize its full potential. Teachers in schools should be able to make himself as second parents. He must be able to attract sympathetic so he became an idol students. In addition, transformation of the reality in the classroom or in the community need to be socialized, so that every layer of society can understand when dealing with teachers.
Civic duties
Civic duties as members of the community are teachers and citizens should serve as the creator of the future and driving ability. Even where the teacher is a decisive factor that could not be replaced by any component in the life of the nation since the first even more so today.

In addition to the three main tasks mentioned above, according to Muhtar (1992), teacher also serves as:
a) The facilitator development of students
Capabilities and potential of the students may not be able to develop properly if it does not receive stimulation from the environment. In a school setting, teachers are expected with individual students have had the ability and potential. In other words, have a role as a facilitator in bringing students toward high-quality educational outcomes.
b) Agent renewal
Human life is a series of significant changes. The development of science and technology in the era of globalization is experiencing rapidity that soar. In this case, teachers are required to be responsive to change and are required to serve as an agent of renewal and is able to transmit creativity and mental readiness of students.
c) business activities of the learning process
Teachers in this case the charge of directing student learning activities to achieve learning objectives. Therefore, in presenting the lesson material. Teachers play a role and served as manager of the learning process.
d) Replacement of parents in school
Teachers in this case should be able to replace parents when students were in school. In carrying out his duties as surrogate parents, teachers must be able to live a loving relationship of a father or a mother to her child. Therefore, teachers are able to know the student atmosphere at home or in the family.
Factors Infrastructures
Facilities and infrastructure is supporting the success of teaching facilities such as school buildings, libraries, laboratories, props and others.
Factors Affecting Student Learning Interests

The use of props in the learning process has the main function (Nasution, 1990), namely:
Clarify the presentation of the message in order not to be verbalistis only in the form of words or mere verbal.
Overcoming the limitations of space, time, power senses as objects too large can be replaced with pictures, movies, or model.
By using the appropriate media and varied teaching can overcome passivity of students, and
With an attitude that is unique for each student with the environment and a different experience, while the subject matter prescribed curriculum the same for each student, the teacher will be a lot of trouble if need be overcome alone.

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