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Participation of Parents Against Influence Student Achievement

Participation of Parents Against Influence Student Achievement

Students are the hope and pride of everyone who is expected to succeed in school well. Therefore, to realize the hope of wise parents will always follow developments as well as trying to find out the level of their capabilities. For parents whose educational level is low or too busy with his work, perhaps it is very difficult to do. But if parents are aware of the importance of their participation to the success of their children, will be a variety of ways to realize their responsibility in guiding and directing students to learn well.

Parents still need to give love and appreciation in order to establish a healthy mental child's learning so that the spirit remains. Instead, parents are less affectionate will cause a sense of emotional child, and eventually there will be a sense of lazy learning. Parental affection can be realized in the form of trying to take the time for dialogue, jokes, to communicate and to meet other needs in addition to the needs of the school (Mardanu, 1992).

Baker and Stevenson's research results show that participation or the participation of parents give good influence and assessment of teachers to students. Parents have a role and to participate in determining the initiative, structured activities at home to supplement educational programs in schools, as happened in Indonesia. In addition, it is also stated that the communication network built by parents is very important in determining the success of students in the community.
Parent participation greatest effect on children's learning process and learning achievement to be achieved. This is confirmed by the statement Slameto (1995), which argued that: "The family is the institution which first and foremost. Healthy family of great significance for education is small in size, but it is decisive for education in large measure, namely the education of the nation, the country and the world ".

Parents who do not pay attention to their children's education, for example, they are indifferent to learning his son, did not pay attention at all would be the interests and needs of children in the study, did not set a time of learning, does not provide or supplement the tools to learn, do not want to know how the learning progress of their children, the difficulties experienced by children in learning and others can cause a child less or even not succeed in learning. The results obtained, grades or academic achievement is not going to satisfy even may fail in his studies. It can occur in children from families whose parents did not love their children (Slameto, 1995).

Educating children with indulgent way is the way pay attention to children who are not good. Parents who are too sorry for her child would not have the heart to force their children to learn, even perhaps let alone if the child does not learn the reason is reluctant improper actions. Because if it is allowed to drag on, the child will be naughty, do offhand, learning must become chaotic.

Participation of Parents Against Influence Student Achievement

Instead, educate children by treating it hard, forcing and chasing his son to learn is how to pay attention to a child who is also wrong. Thus, the child is filled with fear and eventually hate to learning activities. Even if the fear it is getting serious, the child will experience psychological disorders as a result of these pressures. Such parents usually want their children achieve excellent study, or they know that the child is stupid but do not know what caused it, so that children were chased to overcome its shortcomings.

In such event, this is where the teacher guidance and counseling (BP) plays an important role. Children or students who are experiencing difficulties as described above can be helped by providing tutoring as well as possible. Of course, parental involvement will greatly affect the success of the guidance (Slameto, 1995).

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