Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Story Lessons Elementary School

The eldest several times asked me about her homework in PE lessons LKS book Grade 4 who could not answer. To find the answer, I usually point back to the first introduction to the theory that re-read to completion. In addition to theory, it is usually also accompanied by examples of questions, so that exercises can be done based on the theory and the examples that have been discussed. If it is still difficult to understand the theory and examples, new may ask.

This time is different. There was no theory in the introduction to the referenced matter. There was no explanation of how to search for answers. If during the first elementary school, I'll look to the library, mass media, or ask the person to better understand, usually in older people. Now, for those who are accustomed to playing Internet, may immediately be answered "There's always Google" or "Ask Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp". Now, times have changed.


To seek answers that question is no effort to do the student, no answer came instantly play like magic. Even to become a magician must exist first effort is not easy. Positively, I believe this effort is the core process of learning, that to get the right answer is not obtained easily. Perhaps teachers have been taught in the classroom, so that students must first seek to work hard and perform other creative efforts hinggga find the correct answer. If you are still having trouble, then the student should do other business, either by asking parents, siblings, discussions with friends, looking for references on the Internet or the library literature.

The problem is, a lot of children of primary school age were not enough to understand themselves understand what the teacher is, sometimes even teachers are not taught before and have no clue how to find the answer in the book other than the LKS. Often, the teacher said, "Do homework so until umpteen pages, collected tomorrow!" That's it, no explanation at all. If that were the case, there is almost no difference between the way teachers teach primary school children (pedagogy) by way professors teach students (andragogi).


Probably many ways to overcome it, and one solution in my opinion is to not get bored teachers remind students to do homework, while giving "clue" or the instructions to do it. If it involves the use of the Internet, should it be delivered to students by considering students are able to use the Internet in accordance levels. Of course, this condition requires that schools already teach the students about the use of the Internet for teaching and learning activities. If you have not been taught, use the Internet at least need assistance.

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